Synse Plugin SDK

The Synse Plugin SDK is the official SDK used to write plugins for Synse Server in order to provide support for additional devices. Synse Server provides an HTTP API for monitoring and controlling physical and virtual devices, but it is the backing plugins that provide the support (telemetry and control) for all of the devices that Synse Server exposes.

The SDK handles most of the common functionality needed for plugins, such as configuration parsing, background read/write, transaction generation and tracking, meta-info caching, and more. This means the plugin author should only need to worry about the plugin-specific device support.


Community Guide

Learn about the Synse Plugin SDK ecosystem and community. This section outlines the community guidelines, provides license info, and gives details on how to contribute to the Plugin SDK.


Learn about the development processes for the Synse Plugin SDK. If you want to contribute to, play around with, or fork the Plugin SDK, this section will familiarize you with the development workflow, testing practices, etc.